My husband Helping With The Projects Ahead

15391083_1596931953948932_1947571371585486772_n.jpgIt was a cold and a wet weekend, so I decided to do some looking at fabric and get out of the house for a little bit.  The plan was about 7 am, to go walking as I am trying to get back into the routine for health reasons.  Trying to encourage my husband to join me, he gently refused the offer; but agreed to ride with me to the store.  So, I took him up on the offer, and there we had the opportunity to walk and window shop a little, while getting photos and prices of different fabrics to line up for purchase at a later date.  As a champ, he allowed me to use him in the photos, while he held the fabric up to get the design of the fabric and the information.

We had an awesome time sharing in this outing, and we were able to meet the plans that I had set.  We are working together to build a project in the fashion industry.  Our roles in the home have changed in many forms, but our ultimate goal is making my dream a reality.
With hard work, long hours, and planning; we will succeed together.
Thank you, Hubsy!


Revamping Sweat Pants into a Skirt

I was at work last week, and as always thinking in what or how to come up with something useful and fun in sewing.  So, taking two pair of sweat pants, I came up with a skirt.  It takes little time from start to finish.  I was able to complete one in about 2 to 21/2 hours.  Below are some simple steps to follow with this project.






With the love of sewing, I try stay busy utilizing my skills and education (Fashion Design and Business) in designing and making clothes.  I love to design my own patterns, but also enjoy using premade patterns as well.  Changing them in various ways, and making them my own.

Below, is a couple of patterns that I am working on.  The pattern on the left is one that I have used with 4 skirts that was made as uniforms for my job.  Just about to finish one, and getting ready to start 2 more.